Exclusive: Executives At XXL Respond To Racism Charges From Ex-Employee


at hip-hop magazine XXL

have responded to an ex-employee's charges of racism

filed in a $10 million dollar lawsuit last week.

Donald Morris, whom the New York Post referred to

as a cofounder of the magazine claimed that Stanley

Harris and executive Dennis Page routinely used

anti-black slurs in the workplace, referring to

blacks as "niggers & monkeys."

Speaking on the issue for the first time in public

to Allhiphop, Dennis Page denied the allegations.

"First off, Don Morris is a disgruntled ex-employee.

He was the art director, not the cofounder of XXL,"

Page asserted. "His work began to slip and

he was fired." This was a sentiment echoed

by other employees at XXL, who have come to support

Page as a "stand up guy." "Morris is using

this to cover up for his incompetence," Adam Matthews,

who writes for XXL said.


who said he has been very active in the community

said that Morris was simply playing the race card.

"We've been in business 20 years, (publishing

XXL for 5 years) have a multiracial staff, and have

NEVER had a single complaint. Not one advertiser

has pulled out due to this lawsuit and we will fight

this lawsuit in court."


In Chief of XXL Elliot Wilson also defended Page.

"I've been working for Dennis Page for the

past two years and he has treated me with nothing

but respect," Wilson said. "I've never

witnessed him using the N word. Bottom line: The

termination of Don Morris didn't have anything to

do with racism. It's as simple as that."