EXCLUSIVE: Fiend Prepping "Lil' Ghetto Boy" Project; Discusses Rebirth With Jet Life Crew

(AllHipHop News) This week, New Orleans rapper Fiend aka "International Jones," spoke with AllHipHop.com about his upcoming project Lil' Ghetto Boy, set to be released on March 4.

While many Hip-Hop fans remember Fiend from his Billboard chart topping albums Street Life and Theres's One in Every Family, released on Master P's No Limit Records, over the last few years, Fiend has developed whole new generation of fans with Curren$y's Jet Life family.

Performing with the Jet Life crew at as many as 60 tour dates a year, Fiend is enjoying the success of sold out shows and fans that always come with "gifts" to roll up.

"I've been enjoying it, you know I had a chance to experiment and do something different under the name of International Jones. To get on a tour, and connect with Hip-Hop fans at a different age group, you know? That is an honor," Fiend told AllHipHop.com

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"A person nowadays between the ages of 13 and whatever, they don't have the patience for too much of nothing. And these kids, these Jet Life fans and these Taylor Gang fans I got a chance to connect to people that didn't know me and re-connect with people that knew me with No Limit and my own label and the Ruff Ryder label and whatever I did," he said.

But now Fiend has something new for fans called Lil' Ghetto Boy, a project based on the "perspective of little ghetto boys." The album that kicks off with the release of his new video, "Blue, White, Red"

"It's not the red, white and blue; it's the blue, white and red," International Jones explained of the little ghetto boy's perspective. "Man this gotta be the best video I've done up to date. This video represents Congo Square in rap form. I feel like I'm somewhat the first of my kind to do whats happening in this video and whats going on and I hope it can just make everyone just add some coolness to this. Hip-Hop shall live on."