Exclusive: French Montana Close to Signing with Major Label, Speaks on Jim Jones Beef

(AllHipHop News) French Montana is currently in talks with several major labels that are interested in signing the Bronx, New York native, who was formerly signed with Akon’s Konvict Music.“As far as the label I didn’t really decide who I am going with yet. I’m working with Mizay Entertainment, but yea it’s in the air right now. I’m gonna try and figure it out before I start talking about it,” French Montana told AllHipHop.com.Montana has been focused on several mixtape projects as the summer comes to an end, including a DVD that will be released in September.“I got a project coming out with Three 6 Mafia that’s called Cocaine Mafia, I got a mixtape dropping this week called Coke Boyz Mixtape. I got a Cocaine City DVD coming out in September called Excuse My French. That’s mostly what we got going on now,” French Montana revealed.In related news, French Montana spoke out about recent issues surrounding his beef with Jim Jones and a recent incident that took place at Funk Master Flex’s Birthday party.Jim Jones and associates were allegedly seen “throwing ice” (some reported bottles) at French while he was performing, after fellow Bronx native Fat Joe introduced him to the stage.“I mean it’s not really a problem. I don’t really have a problem with nobody," French Montana told AllHipHop.com. "Me and Cam’ron speak, me and Cam’ron got a good relationship, me and Juelz got a good relationship, me and Jim got some kind of miscommunication or whatever it is. Everything is good. It’s like in hip-hop its competition. Sometimes there might be a brawl or whatever it is, but its all for the fans…I guess.”When asked if this beef with Jim Jones was a ploy for record sales, French Montana denied any rumors of this current situation being made up or for sales.“Na, there’s nothing made up about it. This is a real situation. Cause it’s like he had problems with my partner Max B and it escalated to me and it’s like it doesn’t have anything to do with me though.”French discussed the origins of the miscommunication between him and Jim Jones and stated that much of the confusion was a product of the Max B and Jim Jones fallout.“I think its like, with Max and Jim, because they were friends and he [Max B] was signed to his label and after that broke up it was just real crazy," French Montana told AllHipHop.com. "Whatever happened between them was around when I started making music with Max… You know how they say guilty with affiliation?”With respect to his contact with Max B, French said “I go see him like every two weeks. He’s actually doing pretty good. That guy has a spirit that’s one of a kind. His spirit is one of a kind”Getting back to his roots, French spoke about his contribution to his borough, and what it means to him to be a part of the Bronx's legacy in Hip-Hop. “I'm from the Bronx, I kind of lived everywhere in the Bronx, but every couple years I moved," French Montana said. "They are happy to have someone like me come out of there, I’ll tell you that much. Since Pun, since Joe, there ain’t been much pouring, people connected to the streets, people that make good music. Its just all in one.”In the mean time French is steadily getting booked for shows across the country.“I’m doing shows, I always get booked for shows. Basically the whole Tri-State area, I done ran through that. Virginia, Miami. Just all around. I got like a strong underground following and I’ve been getting shows in Connecticut, Boston, Buffalo, Philly, Pittsburgh, PA, North Carolina, Miami and just really all around. There’s bread in that though.”