Exclusive: Gillie Da Kid Talks Rapping to Acting + Will Smith Co-Sign

(AllHipHop News) In the final part of AllHipHop.com's interview with Gillie Da Kid, the rapper touches on jumping in the studio with Philly legend Will Smith.

Will Smith stopped by so Gillie could show him the trailer for his upcoming film "Brotherly Love" co-starring Ving Rhames.

"For me it was a blessing. I call myself 'Gil Smith,' so in 2014 I'm officially changing my s**t to Gil Smith. I sat down with Will and I told him 'I'm transitioning from the rapping to the acting like you. Can I use the name?' He told me 'go ahead' and run with it."

It didn't end there. Big Will jumped in the booth at Bat Cave Studio to lay a verse for the King of Philly.

"It was a beautiful situation. Will came through and showed me some love and got in the booth. I'm truly blessed to know good people, have good friends and great relationships."

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Gillie wouldn't say if said the unnamed track will come out on his Religion Records album Welcome to Gilladelphia.

"Y'all got to wait for that. That's Billionare Dollar Will. Just know he got in that booth that's right there. Just know that. We leaked the little footage out to y'all. That's just another reason to show you I'm the King."

Check out the interview with Gillie Da Kid below:

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