Exclusive: Gunplay Speaks on Work With Former Hot Boy Turk After Prison Release

(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper Gunplay a.k.a. "Don Logan," touched on his latest collaboration with recently released former Hot Boy, Young Turk, who served eight years in a federal prison after a shootout with Memphis S.W.A.T. Team members in 2004.

The rappers recorded the title track for Turk's new mixtape "Blame it on the System," and filmed a music video for the single.

Gunplay touched on the respect he held for his Hip-Hop comrade and a similar drive that he held, after being released from his own stint on house arrest in March of 2013.

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"He's got history in this game , he had been incarcerated for a minute...I was fortunate enough to overcome and beat the case [but] we been in the same predicament," Gunplay explained to AllHipHop.com. "I was blessed to get out of the situation ..I bet Turk learned from his lessons, I bet he evolved and grew as an artist. I hear it in the music. From the time he got out he didn't skip a beat, he kept working [and] everyone noticed it. I noticed it and that's what really made me 'say ok he trying to win.'"

Check out the second part of Gunplay's exclusive interview here:

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