EXCLUSIVE: Gunplay Talks Gun Control Laws, Features on New Album + More @ SOB's Show

EXCLUSIVE: Gunplay Talks Gun Control Laws, Features on New Album + More @ SOB's Show

(AllHipHop News) Gunplay is one of the hardest people to categorize. On the surface, the heavily tattooed, boisterous gangster rapper comes off as an abrasive sh*t talker with a proclivity for violence. But, the man born Richard Morales Jr. is as analytical as he is hot headed, naming his new label after "secret government" Bildeberg Group, discusses the juxtaposition of religion and thug lifestyles on "Bible On The Dash" and loves him some fish.

The burgeoning star performed at SOB's on Wednesday (June 12th) at sold out show. Gunplay performed a mixture of Triple C songs (along with Torch), fan favorites (it became a zoo for "Rollin") and a few cuts from his recently released mixtape Acquitted. 

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The crowd was a mixture of die-hard Gunplay fans, opportunistic (and obnoxiously disruptive) rap groups (MMR, JERSEY CITY!) and casual rap fans. The superb acoustics and microphone clarity at SOB's ensured that when Gunplay raps "been shitting on you fücks a long time time to pee now" everyone hears it clearly.

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop Gunplay reveals that so far Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar are confirmed to appear on his debut album Living Legend. The MMG/Def Jam artist also speaks on how recent gun control laws have him fearing for this mother's life, the Chris Dorner conspiracy and beating a life sentence case.

Check the recap of the show + interview below:

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