EXCLUSIVE: Hell Rell Speaks on Expanding Rap Career But Remaining Loyal to Hardcore Fans

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Hell Rell, one of New York's hardest MCs, took a moment to speak with AllHipHop.com during a recent trip to Miami, Florida.

The Bronx, New York native was down south, taking in the Hip-Hop scene and expanding his network.

Hell Rell spoke on his upcoming "Meyer Lansky" mixtape, revealing that it was time for some "real ni**a" music.

"Working man , working staying sucker free out here in Miami, fu**ing with this good weather, smoking this good dope, recording good music," Hell Rell told AllHipHop.com. "I'm working on that 'Meyer Lansky' mixtape, bout to f**k the streets up, f**k the internet up, show them what a real ni**a been on lately."

Hell Rell explained how he's choosing records for the upcoming mixtape.

"I just been recording every city I go, it's love," Hell Rell said. "[I] got access to a studio, I've got like 50-60 songs. I pick certain songs that go with certain times and right, now it's time for real ni**a music."

Ruga Rell explained that his hiatus from the rap game was due to legal issues that he has since put behind him.

"I been low for a minute, I had a couple of cases I needed to beat," Hell Rell told AllHipHop.com. "I had to get my Jew lawyer to eat that up. He ate all that up. A ni**a back on his s**t. When this new music hit, the streets its going to f**k the streets up. Shooters going crazy, ladies going crazy, the hustlers."

Check out the exclusive interview with Hell Rell below:

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