EXCLUSIVE: Ice T Talks New Body Count Album, Killing White People In Music Video + MORE (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Ice T Talks New Body Count Album, Killing White People In Music Video + MORE (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Ice T has not released a body of music in eight years, but his rock/rap hybrid group Body Count is preparing to release their fifth album later this year. In an EXCLUSIVE interview with AllHipHop Ice T explains the concepts of the new album, why only white people were murdered in the band's latest video "Talk Sh*t, Get Shot" and more.

Last month, Body Count and Ice T released the music video for their single "Talk Sh*t, Get Shot" and received large amount of criticism for the video being that only white people were shot. According to T, the race of the victims in the videos were purely the director's vision and not his or the group's:

The video director only brought white people for us to shoot. I didn't direct that video. So the guy, Frank, he brought his friends. People were lining up to get killed. So we snatched the Black guy. But, I didn't say 'I want to shoot an Asian and a Mexican. That, people overintellectualized the music.

The group has a history of controversial music, none more culturally abrasive than 1992's "Cop Killer". According to T, the world that Body Count creates in their music is not always identical to reality:

Body Count is intentionally hyper-violent, hyper-sexual Rock-N-Roll. I call it Grindhouse music. It's like the movie Machete or something. It's over the top. So, in the world of Body Count, I can reach through a phone and snatch somebody. The bloggers get shot..and the cops get killed. It doesn't really happen in real life, but that's a part of the artform.

Check out the full interview below: