EXCLUSIVE: Jewish Rapper Kosha Dillz Releasing Documentary Called "The Hustle to Happiness"

(AllHipHop News) New Jersey raised and Los Angeles based Jewish rapper Kosha Dillz has announced the development of a new documentary that will feature Mike Tyson, Katt Williams, The RZA, DMX, Matisyahu, Murs and many more.

Hustling his way on stages across the country, Kosha Dillz, born Rami Even-esh, has been on the road for years and now he's pulled it all together in a documentary that will be funded by his Kickstarter campaign.

After setting a goal of $8,000, Kosha Dillz surpassed his goal, eclipsing the $10,000 mark. He is now completing the final filming and editing of his documentary, Kosha Dillz is Everywhere: The Hustle to Happiness.

"In 2011 I moved to LA and I drove my car out and I never went back home. Every since I have been documenting the whole process of trying to find happiness through my career with music and rap," Kosha Dillz explained to AllHipHop.com. "We cut some trailers and then the years went on, and I got on the Super Bowl ad last year, so things are moving along and now we are really trying to have a scripted dramatic vibe to it so that we can really capture everything. I've linked with everyone from Mike Tyson to Katt Williams."

Kosha's journey gets crazy as he does just about anything he can do to make it to the big time, from sleeping in McDonalds to getting deported from the UK, to being in the BET Hip-Hop Awards cypher with DMX.

"I have won Summer Jam rap battles, become a video game character in NBA 2k11, played SXSW 5 times as an official artist, performed at Rock The Bells and Coachella, and toured the entire USA numerous times. I even had my song placed in a Super Bowl commercial. I have slept in McDonalds in Berlin, in my car in about every state in America, been deported from the UK and got stranded in Greece when my passport got stolen," Kosha explained of his many travels.

Now having hustled up songs with the RZA, Murs, Gangsta Boo, Rapper Big Booh, Wax and Matisyahu to name a few, Kosha is starting to put together a yet to be titled project that he feels will garner the attention of the masses.

"I'm an official artist for SXSW, I am going to run a Oye Vey showcase and the film is going to be going down there as well. I have a couple of solo joints and videos with every song, just so people can try to get to know me better. I'm gonna be rapping my ass off and I think it's going to cater to a larger audience. I love the grind, I live the grind everyday."

For more information on Kosha Dillz documentary, check out his Kickstarter to learn more. Kosha Dillz: The Hustle to Happiness.