EXCLUSIVE: Jim Jones To Appear On One Of 50 Cent's NY Tour Dates

Jim Jones will join 50 Cent on one date of his promotional tour of New York City's five boroughs, a move that proclaims peace between two of New York's biggest rappers, according to Jones' affiliate Freekey Zekey.

Zekey, the president of Diplomats' Records, also dispelled the notion that 50 Cent was going to sign Jim Jones, a rumor that has run rampant on the Internet.

"Jim is not signing to 50. 50 got a five borough tour that's poppin' in New York City and its going to go though each borough – Bronx, New York, Manhattan, Queens, maybe Staten Island," Zekey explained to North Carolina DJ Waleed Coyote of Greensboro's 102 Jamz. According to reps for Jim Jones, the artist would appear at one date, which was meant to be a surprise to the public.

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"We're gonna show people that everybody can be [at peace in the music industry]. It's about making that cake. Jim is gonna come out and support the situation."

50 Cent has been heavily promoting his new album, Curtis, which drops on September 11.

The CD is released on the same day as Kanye West's Graduation, another highly anticipated release.

Jim Jones is a leading rapper in the Harlem-based rap collective The Diplomats [Dip Set] and hit the top of the charts last year with "We Fly High [Ballin']."

50 Cent, the rival G-Unit leader, has waged lyrical warfare against Dip Set commander-in-chief Cam'ron since they had a chance conversation go bad on New York radio.

While 50 has sent barbed remarks to Cam'ron, he has expressed respect for Jim Jones and Jones has never responded to any of 50's comments towards Cam'ron.

Zeke said that the camps no longer wanted to create friction that would adversely affect their own careers in the music industry.

"What it is is millionaires [are] talking to millionaires and we don't have no time to pull guns out on each other when we pass by each other. It's too much cake [money] out here," Zeke continued. "50 is about to put his album out. Jim [is] about to sign a couple extra million dollar deals on his next album.

The Diplomat Records president said that Jim Jones is resolute in staying with his original crew, even though there have been persistent rumors of internal conflict.

"Everybody comes to the point of making up a situation where…Jim wants to sign [with G-Unit Records] – no way. We Dip Set 'til the day that we die. That bird is flying high."