EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Henchman Gets Two Life Sentences For Killing 50 Cent Associate


Jimmy Henchman is going to jail for life, and he has some things to say about it.

(AllHipHop News) A Manhattan judge offered no mercy to former hip-hop boss, Jimmy Henchman yesterday in court.

Jimmy Henchman, born James was sentenced to two more life prison sentences, for the murder Lowell "Lodi Mack" Fletcher.

Back in 2007, "Lodi Mack" and Tony Yayo roughed up Jimmy's 14-year-old son, during a deadly feud between game and G-Unit was bubbling.

The assault made headlines and even drew protests and condemnation from the likes of Al Sharpton and the National Action Network.

Both Tony Yayo and Lodi Mack were eventually convicted of the attack.

Lodi Mack, who was a Bloods gang member, went to jail, while Tony Yayo received 10 days of community service.

Prosecutors said Lodi Mack was shot and killed in the Bronx on Jimmy's order in September of 2009, just weeks after he was released from prison.

Jimmy was accused of giving two kilos of cocaine to men in his drug dealing organization, in exchange for the murder of Lodi Mack.

In 2014, Jimmy's trial for the murder resulted in a hung jury.

He was found guilty of the murders later that year, but the verdict was overturned in 2016 after an appeals court ruled the judge overseeing the trial was wrong for limiting a line of questioning to Brian McCleod.

Jimmy was ultimately convicted of Lodi Mack's murder in November of 2017.

The case finally came to a close yesterday with Jimmy's formal sentence of two more life sentences.

Rosemond is also serving a life sentence for drug trafficking and weapons possession convictions.

Authorities convicted him of running a $10-million-dollar a year drug enterprise known as the "Rosemond Organization."

Jimmy apologized to his friends and family for the situation, but he adamantly denied taking part and in a conspiracy to murder Lodi Mack.

“This is America! I want to apologize to my family and my support system," Jimmy Henchman told AllHipHop. "Most importantly, to my son; When I asked you to intern as a 14 yr old at my office it was because I wanted you to see your father working and have a strong role model.

"I wanted you to look up to brown and black people in boardrooms rather than in the streets. I was proud of the work I was doing. I never thought when I sent you on that errand, you would be surrounded and assaulted by 50 Cent and four G-Unit grown men with guns for wearing a T-shirt," Jimmy Henchman told AllHipHop.

Check out the full open letter James Rosemond's open letter to AllHipHop here.

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He is done all that for nothing


The devil a better trapper then the best trapper..... Dont kill our vibe... Lets let the movement keep movin peacefully.... All praise and honor to THE MOST HIGH.... I truly Love Yhall


The Baybee hates to see his family fighting.... I know sum may say i aint fam but ill always beg to differ.... On the real... Cant you see whats happening here? The game is and always been divide and concorr from the horseman, evil, devil whatever u wanna call its all connected.... We all made mistakes in our past but im beggin you rightnow to forgive and start clean.... Listen i cant completely explain whats happening... Like me im supposed to be the humble bum bowl but i tried to get tuff with 69 shoiters today and they let me know they got soldiers everywhere and they got they point across... Now dont get it twisted i aint no punk... To be real when i saw them i was like good set me free but then God reminded me why let devil win and its true... Every man needs respect so lets use this as a reset... Listen this com is laggin like a hoor so let me finish this by my updated post to all bros.......Point taken.... I was by myself y'all could have easily pucked me up but you gave me a pass so far so i appreciate that.... I actually hate sounded prideful so i should have figured a way to sit down with y'all another way.... All points taken no retaliation for those w.s's .... 6ix 9ine im askin you to be cool please lil bro we dont need no civil war here you know what im talkin about.. We fightin a real war with the real enemy... The things we have between gang gang & gang is all based on pride u know what im talkin about... We got much bigger fish to fry... Please everyone one love lets keepin it movin peacefully

Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

50 cent betta watch his back b4 i make that gun clap