EXCLUSIVE: Juelz Santana Denies London Robbery

Harlem, New York rapper Juelz Santana returned to the United States today (September 2) and took the time to address rumors of an alleged robbery, which resulted in him losing valuable jewelry.

According to rumors, Juelz was robbed of his belongings as pay back by an angry promoter for a show that never took place.

The performance was reportedly booked by a former manager, who allegedly stole the show money.

Reports suggested the unnamed promoter and a group of men approached the Dipset member during a stay at a local hotel.

As a result of the confrontation, Juelz allegedly had to be escorted to another location.

In an statement to AllHipHop.com, Juelz Santana revealed details about the incident, which took place as the rapper was preparing for a show at the Sheperd Busch Empire in London on Sunday (August 31).

“Bottom line, my former Manager along with an ex group member (no specific names mentioned due to the “No Snitching” rule) accepted an astronomical amount of money for a paid date that never happened or was ever brought to my knowledge,” Juelz Santana told AllHipHop.com. “I was NOT robbed. My staff and I were kicked out of our original hotel for the commotion.”

Despite working out his outstanding differences with the promoter, the two shows in the United Kingdom were canceled as a result of the altercation.

“The London and Wolverhampton shows were canceled by the UK Police minutes before show time due to the hotel commotion and the Police’s inability to handle the turn out,” added Santana’s publicist Lynn Hobson, who witnessed the chaos.

Other than the two canceled shows in the United Kingdom, Juelz Santana, JR Writer and Skull Gang members Richmond Rab and DJ Tobb Cobain completed a successful tour of Europe, which included stops in Amsterdam; Rotterdam; Sweden; Switzerland and Norway (Trondheim, Bergen, and Oslo).

Juelz Santana and his Skull Gang are planning a new mixtape titled The New Movement To Move With, which hits stores on September 11.