EXCLUSIVE: Juice WRLD Estate Has No Rep To Handle Legal Affairs Says Lawyer


Juice WRLD's estate is struggling to get organized after the rap star's death in December of 2019 and now the problems are impacting a $15 million lawsuit.

(AllHipHop News) A lawyer for songwriters being sued with Juice WRLD over his hit song "Lucid Dreams" has revealed that there is no one handling the business affairs of the late rapper's estate.

"They have recently learned that Mr. Higgins’s estate has not yet gone through the probate process, and that there presently is no authorized representative to handle the Estate’s affairs," according to lawyer Mark C. Humphrey.

The lack of structure is affecting pop-punk band Yellowcard's $15 million lawsuit against the deceased rapper.

Yellowcard sued Juice WRLD in October of 2019, alleging his breakthrough single took “melodic elements” of their song “Holly Wood Died” without permission.

In addition to Juice WRLD, co-writer Taz Taylor, producer Nicholas Mira, publisher BMG Rights Management, and record label Grade A Productions are named in the lawsuit.

Tragically, Juice WRLD, real name Jarad Higgins, died inside Chicago's Midway International Airport after a drug overdose on December 8th, 2019.

Yellowcard decided to pursue the lawsuit against Juice WRLD's estate and a judge gave the surviving defendants until February 4th to reply after the rap star's death, but they will not be able to comply due to lack of communication with the rapper's estate.

"The Estate’s current inability to participate in this action creates a number of impediments to Defendants’ defense of this action, including but not limited to their ability to conduct a factual investigation," according to their lawyer Mark C. Humphrey.

Now, a judge overseeing the case is giving the remaining defendants until March 3rd, 2020 to reply to Yellowcard's lawsuit. 

Last week, it was revealed Juice WRLD's label Grade A Productions is sitting on over 2,000 songs the rapper left behind, although plans for the tunes have not been divulged. 

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Based on these two little boy statements, hip hop is in trouble and niggas so ignorant they will steal yo shit these days and talk shit about it. Sued, broke and banned from the reality of life. Take drugs to live w/themselves.


Yellowcard is mad trash tho lmao 😂 they just jealous that Lucid Dreams got way more likes and mad views then they wack song! ...
BIG FACTS lucid dreams got 446 Million views
and 4.4 Million likes .... Yellowcard not even close bruhh. Holly Wood died only got 824 k views and only 7.2 k likes. 😂 BIG FACTS bruhh big differences in those numbers yellowcard mad salty 😂.
Juice has 4.24 Million subs and yellowcard only 99.9 k subs. To be honest ALOT of artists copy other artists shit with out it being a problem yellowcard just trash and BROKE BIG FACTS 💯👌😂.....

Rest in Power Juice 🖤 999 Club Forever


I am 14 teen and I say fuck that lawsuit because Juice helped me out of a rough time after the death of my dad and his music and his songs helped people.


Damn. His whole career was stealing other peoples ideas and getting rich off of them, damn. That was a heavy burden I’m sure, sold his soul.