EXCLUSIVE: LeBron James Sued For $33 Million For Allegedly Stealing Slogan

Nolan Strong

LeBron James is accused of taking the "I Am More Than An Athlete Phrase" from a tiny non-profit.

(AllHipHop News) Basketball star LeBron James is being accused of stealing the slogan for his Uninterrupted brand from a tiny non-profit in a new lawsuit.

Game Plan Inc. claims they have been using the slogan "I Am More Than An Athlete" since 2017 when they used the phrase to market a line of t-shirts to raise money.

The Maryland-based organization's lawsuit claims that in October of 2017, the organization sent a group of children to watch the Washington Wizards take on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The kids wore their shirts emblazoned with the slogan courtside, while they met with Washington Wizards' star John Wall.


The Game Plan's problems with LeBron James started a few months later in February of 2018.

That is when the NBA superstar got into a spat with right-wing talking head Laura Ingraham over her "shut up and dribble" comments directed towards James' intelligence.

In response to “shut up and dribble,” LeBron James posted a picture to his Instagram account, capturing a neon light sign bearing the words “I AM MORE THAN AN ATHLETE."

LeBron went on to use the slogan as the catchphrase for his Uninterrupted brand to sell T-shirts, hoodies and more merchandise with big partners like Nike, ESPN, and the popular "NBA 2K" game.

Game Plan is seeking no less than $33 million. 

A non-profit wants at least $33 million from LeBron James and Nike.
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Well they may not get 33 milli, but LeBron will settle and give them something. Not certain why they are only trying to sue Bron and not sue Nike, ESPN, and NBA 2K?