EXCLUSIVE: Lecrae Reveals What He Told Chick-fil-A CEO After Shoe Shining Incident

Kershaw St. Jawnson

More shocking footage has emerged from Lecrae’s interview with Pastor Louie Giglio and Chick-fil-A CEO, Don Cathy and the rap star has something to say about it!

(AllHipHop News) Last week footage came out of Christian rapper Lecrae and Pastor Louie Giglio having a conversation about race relations.

The video went viral when he said that “white privilege” should be changed to “white blessings.”

While doing a show on how to find common ground, Giglio just rambled (authoritatively) about what he believed was an alternative way to look at race in America.

Now this week, more footage has emerged on the same pastor’s show.

This clip shows Lecrae and the CEO of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, engaged in conversation about race. In an effort to show humility, Cathy busted out a tool kit for shoe shining.

Cathy started to tell the story about a man from Texas who shined the shoes of an older Black man in his church. This person did the act because he was so overcome with white guilt that he had to demonstratively do something to express his desire repentance and equity.

“Tears began to flow in that service,” Cathy shared. “It was an attitude of conviction.”

“So, I invite folks to put some words to action, here. If we need to find somebody that needs their shoes shined, we need to go right on over and shine their shoes.”

As he said this, he started to walk over to Lecrae. When he reached the lyricist, he dropped to his knees and started shining his shoes.

“There’s a time where we need some personal action,” he continued.

In an interview with AllHipHop.com, here is what Lecrae thought about Dan Cathy's antics.

“We talked immediately afterward and I let them know my thoughts. It was so many things that happened in that whole conversation that was like, yo, that needed to be addressed. Dude tried to shine my shoes and I was like, ‘Yo, bro, we want Chick-fil-a stock. We don't want shoe shines.’ You know what I mean?”

"My biggest thing that I was trying to communicate to them was, we can't be doing this virtue signaling stuff, just having conversations about race. We really got to be about this. I just came from this protest last night. People were burning stuff up and screaming at the police. This is a real thing.”

Lecrae also took to his social media to address the video and his position with the pastor.

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We just dont know how to take this message of the Don Cathy dude.....it seems kinda fake !!


Seriously? We want stock? This was all supposed to be about justice but he just wants more money. This is becoming extortion. Pay up or face violence? What a leech...


It all amounts to nothing this is all a charade. It didnt come about peacefully it wont end peacefully. No one is going to willingly give up power.


Real actions not momentary stunts for PR. It makes an interesting story. but what about when the camera is off?