EXCLUSIVE: Lil Boosie Names Five Songs He Wrote In Jail + Heartbreaking Letter From Fan (VIDEO)

Over the course of 52 months of incarceration, Lil Boosie claims to have written 1,018 songs and received hundreds of fan mail.

(AllHipHop News) In the last part of AllHipHop’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Lil Boosie, he names five of those songs for the first time and retells the saddest fan letter he received while in jail.

According to Boosie, writing music was therapeutic to him during his 4+ year prison term and names five of the songs he wrote while incarcerated. The titles (“Pain”, “The Windows Of My Eyes”,”It Don’t Hurt No More”, “I Don’t Want To Die In Jail” and “Tears”) allude to somber topics, but Boosie was jocular when describing his desired effect he wanted the songs to have on the listening public:

I got a lot of songs that’s going to make people be like, ‘man, they messed over that dude. Man, that man was going through it. I should have sung him something. [Laughs]
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During the press conference celebrating his release, Boosie said that a woman exclaimed “oh my god, it’s Jesus” when she first saw him following his prison release last Wednesday (March 7th). According to Boosie, his fans not only saw him as their savior but also as someone they could confide in while he was incarcerated. He retold the story of a Florida mother who sent him a letter while he was imprisoned about her not seeing her daughter in over a decade.

Check out Boosie name and explain five of his 1,018 songs written in prison and fully describe the heart wrench fan letter he received in prison below: