EXCLUSIVE: Lil Soulja Slim Says He Recorded At C-Murder’s House, Forms Group With B.G. And Juvenile

While Louisiana prison officials continue an investigation into whether or not C-Murder recorded new music while incarcerated at Angola Prison, Lil Soulja Slim has confirmed in an AllHipHop exclusive interview that he recorded music with C-Murder while the TRU Records founder was on house arrest

(AllHipHop News) Lil Soulja Slim, son of the late New Orleans rapper Soulja Slim, is a collaborator on the new Penitentiary Chances project in dispute which is executive produced by Manuel “M.O.” Ortiz and C-Murder’s daughter, Chelsea Miller available on jpay.com.

News of C-Murder’s new song “Dear Supreme Court” featuring Calliope Bub debuted here on AllHipHop and has since caused an uproar with prison officials.

“I was working with C on a few things that were already recorded and we’re gonna put that out,” Lil Soulja Slim told AllHipHop in an exclusive interview. “Of course I talk to C, that’s big dog. Him and my pops had a nice relationship, so we holla, I mean I can’t really speak on that situation because for years he’s been innocent, so I really don’t know much more to say. I know when C was on house arrest we did music together. I was a little younger when we first started linking, but he a real solid dude in my book, he always been real with me. Free C-Murder,Free B.G..”

C-Murder, born Corey Miller, was found guilty by a jury in 2003. C-Murder got a re-trial in 2007, but once again a jury convicted the rapper, issued an automatic life sentence at Angola Prison . Since then, two appeals have been denied and the Louisiana Supreme Court upheld C-Murder’s conviction.

In addition to his work with C-Murder, Lil Soulja Slim is in a group with Juvenile’s son Lil Juve and B.G.’s son T.Y. dubbed, The Ghetto Children.

The guys are featured as a young crew of robbers in the new Curren$y movie Revolver that released just last week.

“We actually just shot a documentary on some legacy shit, all of us together in a group, The Ghetto Children,” Lil Soulja Slim said.

“It’s cool you know, it really just bring the stress off one artist. One person don’t have to come up with the whole song, we just feed of each other’s energy, and we put ideas in each other’s heads, that’s kind of the plus, always having people that you can really work with.”

“My single that I’m pushing is called ‘Everyday’ and features T.Y., Son of a Gangsta.” Lil Soulja Slim said of his solo song with B.G.’s son. “The Ghetto Children project is going to come out in June, we were just featured in Curren$y’s new movie ‘Revolver’ and I played in the robbery scene with T.Y., Young Juve. T.Y. turned his back on us really, he killed us in the end when we went and hit that lick.”

Lil Soulja Slim’s project ‘Life of A Soulja 3’ is set to release this April. Fans of the rapper can check him at Labor Day weekend in Miami where he has performances scheduled.