Exclusive: Master P Speaks On New C-Murder Trial

Corey "C-Murder" Miller will return to court on December 12th, attempting to get a retrial in a controversial murder case, in which the rapper was convicted of murdering 16-year-old Steve Thomas in a Jefferson-Parish, Louisiana nightclub.In an exclusive interview, Miller's brother Percy "Master P" Miller told AllHipHop.com that his brother was not the shooter and was the victim of Doug Freese, a District Attorney whom Miller claims is corrupt.Miller said Freese bolstered at least five prosecution witnesses credibility by expunging their criminal records."The witnesses that they produced all had prior records," Miller revealed to AllHipHop.com. "Their testimony was made credible by not having records. How you gonna blame him when there was so many people in the club? They never printed how many people said that he didn't do it."According to Miller, one of the judges that helped expunge the criminal records of the prosecution witnesses was fired in connection with the murder case and several other incidents.Miller said that in addition to the younger Miller's original attorney, Ronald J. Rokosky, Attorney Martin Regan, will represent his younger sibling in an attempt to have him released from jail."You convict Corey, but he's not sentenced," Miller said. "They pushed his actual sentencing back four times. Something is wrong and it's wrong to keep an innocent man incarcerated. People have to realize that you can't prejudge someone until all of the facts are revealed. All the stuff with the D.A. was never printed. Mainstream media never printed that witnesses were paid off or that they had criminal histories. All the negative stuff in the media was directed toward C because of his name."During the trial Miller's defense attorney, Ron Rokofsky, produced several witnesses who claimed they saw Miller in different parts of the club."There is no way shouldn't get a new trial. They know he is innocent. He's my brother, I love him and he's innocent."The hearing starts at 10:00 AM at the Gretna, Louisiana court house.