Exclusive: Meek Mill’s DJ, DJ Malc Geez, Talks Touring with MMG; Explains Road to Success

(AllHipHop News) As part of our dedication to recognizing the DJ and producers on AllHipHop.com, we sat down with DJ Malc Geez, Meek Mill's official DJ, to discuss his life on the road with the Maybach Music Group.

Malc Geez has lived an exciting life on the road, while holding down the tables for Meek Mill and the Dream Chasers collective, one of Hip-Hop's biggest movements in the streets.

But the story of their musical connection isn't like most, as it dates back to when Meek Mill was doing a brief stint in jail.

The two developed a relationship via radio when Meek used to listen to Bat Cave Radio on 91.7 WKDU, where Malc Geez was a DJ.

In many ways, the show brightened Meek's spirit while he was incarcerated.

“He used to always go and listen to the Bat Cave Radio, and I always used to spin at 91.7 WKDU and at the time he was down, and he was locked up and he was listening inside the jail on Wednesday night to my show,” Malc Geez explained to AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview. “I was liking his flavor and I was playing a lot of his music and the streets was loving it. He
was feelin’ me, so when he got out, it was like in motion from there. After that it was a go and everything was live. Every show was live.”

Since then, Malc Geez has been having nothing but fun and working hard on the road with Meek and the team going everywhere from the Bahamas to California to Miami to New York City and back again.

“It’s all good we just having fun man, fun, fun, fun fun, fun,” an enthusiastic Malc Geez told AllHipHop.com.

When asked about the craziest thing that Malc Geez has seen while on tour, he recalled a recent trip to the Bahamas, where Meek jumped off the stage at the show's conclusion and ran to a nearby 4-wheeler.

“Meek loves the 4-wheelers and bikes and in the Bahamas its a real big bike town. So right after the show he jumped off the stage and rode straight on his bike back to the hotel, didn’t even stop, poppin’ wheelies and all that,” Malc Geez recalled.

As a DJ, Malc Geez likes to use traditional equipment, preferring a natural feel with the Techniqe 1200 turntables.

“I gotta go old school with the two 12’s, the mixer and a microphone. You gotta have the new stuff with the MacBook Pro, and I usually use the 57 Serato mixer. At most of the shows I use the CDJ’s but I prefer turntables. I grew up on vinyl, I got a million crates in my basement, so I like used the 1200’s to get that natural feel. That’s my flava, Techique 1200’s,” Malc Geez explained.

Remaining humble has been the key to Malc’s success, as he strives to maintain a positive attitude while continuing to chase his dreams.

“My role is how we go by, the Dream Chasers, go after your dream and chase it. It’s not hard, its only hard if you make it hard. You have to have fun and have a good mind and you have to follow your dream. If you have a bad attitude it's not gonna work. If you stay angry, you gonna be angry."

Malc Geez remained silent when it came to Meek Mill's debut release.

"All I can say is its gonna be one of the best albums ever to hit the streets. I can't say no more because I don't want to get in trouble, but he is working with some really dope artists," Malc Geez said.