EXCLUSIVE: Megan Thee Stallion's Label 1501 Certified Asks Courts To Force Rapper To Renegotiate

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Megan Thee Stallion is still battling her record label 1501 Certified, over a contract she inked when she was 20.

(AllHipHop News) Megan Thee Stallion may have won a victory in the first round of a $1 million legal battle with her record label 1501 Certified Entertainment, but the case is far from being settled.

The "Hot Girl Summer" star is locked in a dispute with 1501 Certified boss Carl Crawford and rap mogul J. Prince over a contract she signed when she was 20-years-old.

The legal issues between Megan Thee Stallion and 1501 Certified Entertainment erupted in March, after Megan Thee Stallion inked a management deal with Jay-Z's company, Roc Nation.

Megan claims the label bosses were trying to block the launch of her new material because she wants to renegotiate an "unfair" contract she signed five years ago.

Megan won a temporary restraining order against 1501 executives on March 2nd, giving her the green light to move forward with the release of her nine-track project called Suga.

Almost a month after the release of Suga, Carl Crawford is still trying to force Megan into arbitration to handle the dispute, per the terms of their original contract.

Earlier this week, 1501 Certified filed new documents outlining their reasons why Megan needs to sit down at the negotiating table to hash things out instead of trying the case in front of a judge. 


"Nothing in [Megan's] response overcomes the requirements of theArbitration Clause or the strong presumption in favor of arbitration. The Court should grant [1501's] Motion, compel arbitration of [Megan's] claims, and stay this case," argued Tom Van Arsdel, who is repping 1501 Certified in the lawsuit.

Both Carl Crawford and J. Prince claim Megan Thee Stallion allowed Roc Nation's to "brainwash" her into pursuing the legal action.

Megan shot back, claiming her deal was grossly unfair and accused Carl Crawford and J. Prince of bullying her, in an attempt to get her to back out of the lawsuit.

J. Prince disputed Megan's "slanderous lies" in the court filing in a lengthy response posted on Twitter.

J. Prince maintains Megan's record contract, which grants her a "40 percent profit share," which is a "great deal" particularly for a rising artist without an album.

Both men are trying to renegotiate to avoid a war with Jay-Z because J. Prince believed he was unaware of the full extent of the dispute.

Roc Nation representatives have yet to comment on the remarks.

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I believe that is a good deal 40/60 for a upcoming artist but now she felt like she signed with Roc Nation that she posed to be getting more and I truly do believe they brainwashed her into that


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Jboogie i have 12 artists i have developed and put together from start. Can u point me in the right direction to get them signed pr meetings of any sort


I know J Prince personally, he is a fair businessman, none of his artists have ever had a problem with they paper...the contract in question is a standard new artist contract...I have a record label too...and its what you contract a new artist to...it protects them for being overly invested in label and straight up showing you a star power...show me your an artist...show me you can make quality music....but I'm going to risk my money to take your intellectual property and introduce it to the world...its a tough business from the owner's side....But I totally get Meghan side because the music and numbers that she is doing is making him a great deal of money....by now I would have resigned her to a better contract, way before she ever signed a management deal with the likes of Jay-Z....That is a dumb move on his part but at the end of the day, she is an artist and power will always be in her court...so they want to renegotiate to save how music money its going to take to keep her....its just business 101....


Yeah 1501 wants to go to Arbitration because the particular judge who got this case is known to be very knowledgeable music contract one and is very artist friendly. Rumor is he also not so keen on J Prince either.