[EXCLUSIVE] Mozzy Kicks Off ‘Internal Affairs’ Tour, Recalls Work With Nipsey

Mozzy took the time to remember Nipsey Hussle prior to kicking off his tour in LA!

This week Sacramento bred rapper Mozzy kicked off his Internal Affairs tour in support of his mixtape of the same title.

Featuring special guest appearances in concert from LA rappers Joe Moses and Ty Dolla Sign, Mozzy sold out The El Rey theater where AllHipHop had a chance to speak with the rising California rapper.

Speaking specifically about the growth of the Sacramento rap scene and inspiring people in his area, Mozzy said he sees, “a lot of growth and development,” in his hometown.

“There’s a lot of growth and development in Sacramento. A lot of the young lifers see me taking it to the next level, and they for surely inspired. Whether they like me or dislike me, it’s for sure they are inspired,” Mozzy told AllHipHop.com.

“Once upon a time I was a young life and I remember looking at people who was on the opposite side of the rag or opposite side of my jurisdiction and even though we didn’t function with them, I was inspired by them. So that’s why I feel like I’m sure I’ve had the same effect," he said.

Prior to performing in Los Angeles, Mozzy also took the time to remember slain rapper Nipsey Hussle who was "on the opposite side of the rag," but he still recalled the good times they had together in the studio.

“Fella, fella, fella. He rolled out the red carpet for me, straight up, and in a crip studio - believe that. He rolled out the red carpet in a blue studio for me man, and I’m beyond appreciative of that. The invites were endless. Endless invites, you feel me? Anything he had going on, he threw me the alley-oop and he invited me and made me feel like fella," Mozzy said.

"That was just….That alone, you don’t understand, we in an industry where it’s a lot of hate. And if you in that same lane as somebody, you feel me, it kind of intensifies the hate, cause everybody wants that crown or that lane.

"We were in that same lane, I feel like as far as gangsta rap. Coming from his jurisdiction, my jurisdiction, the life of gang banging, we were just in that same lane and he didn’t do nothing but just embraced me. It’s evident he was a Big Dog in that lane. He was one of the greats and I just dream to run that same marathon and be able to inspire and make that same impact on my people."

Mozzy's Internal Affairs is now available on all streaming providers and boasts features from Sage the Gemini, Don Q, Sada Baby, Celly Ru and E Mozzy.