EXCLUSIVE: Murphy Lee and St. Lunatics Release New Moscato Called "Freaky Muscato"

(AllHipHop News) St. Louis' own Murphy Lee spoke with AllHipHop.com recently about a new Moscato wine that he and the St. Lunatics have developed.

The after-dinner drink, called "Freaky Muscato," is a sparkling wine made by Ste. Genevieve's Crown Valley Winery and has already hit stores in Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, and Arkansas.

"I got my own wine called 'Freaky Muscato,' 11.5 percent alcohol," Murphy Lee told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive interview. "I'm a wino, so it was a perfect situation for me, but it's a sparkling moscato, it's a dessert wine. It's crazy, and good as sh*t, man. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout? It's sweet enough for the ladies and strong enough for the men. The bottle crazy; you can sit up in the club and act like you cool, all that, man. Why get drunk, when you can get freaky?"

Comprised of Nelly, Murphy Lee, Ali, KyJuan and City Spud, the St. Lunatics experienced great success in the early 2000s as their first project called, Free City, was certified RIAA platinum in roughly a month in Summer 2001.

Since then, the group has been relatively quiet, with the exception of Nelly. They continue to work on solo projects, although the group is back to work and releasing singles, according to Murphy Lee.

"Yeah, we [St. Lunatics] got a single that finna come on iTunes right now; we've been on the road. Thursday through Sunday, we on the road, Monday through Wednesday, we handling business, man," Murphy Lee said.

Murphy has been busy in his own right, as he plans the release of his mixtape this summer called Weed, Wine and Women Pt 2 , and he has been developing his online brand called UCME via his website MurphyLeeUCME.com.

"I been working on a lil bit of everything, man. I ain't been gone, man, for those that didnt know. I've just been online, and it's been lovely. Shout out to all my fans that have been there since day one. You can go to MurphyLeeUCme.com, ketchup in this mustard world, man, get caught up," Murphy Lee said. "I've been dropping stuff monthly for the last eight years. Ketchup, there's a lot of free stuff on there, a lot of stuff you can buy. I'm iTuned up; you can go check out Mr. Wintertime (I'm Cold), thats one of the craziest CDs ever, then we got the Wine Weed and Women coming out this summer."

For more information on the St. Lunatics new wine, Freaky Muscato, visit, www.drinkfreaky.com.