EXCLUSIVE: Nicki Minaj Gets Small Win In Tracy Chapman War As Court Preps For Funkmaster Flex Deposition


Tracy Chapman just lost her attempt to get some text messages Nicki Minaj sent to Funkmaster Flex, who is supposed to be deposed today in their ongoing legal war.

(AllHipHop News) Today is a big day for rapper Nicki Minaj.

Veteran DJ Funkmaster Flex is supposed to be deposed in Nicki's ongoing war with pop singer Tracy Chapman.

Funkmaster Flex, real name Aston George Taylor Jr., is caught up in Nicki's nasty legal battle with pop star Chapman, over the rap star's unreleased song "Sorry" featuring Nas.

The legal action started after Nicki tried to clear a sample of one of Chapman's songs, called "Baby Can I Hold You."

When Tracy Chapman refused, a copy of the song was leaked by Funkmaster Flex, just before Nicki released her fourth studio album, Queen.

Tracy Chapman immediately filed a lawsuit and blamed Nicki for leaking the record to Funkmaster Flex, in an attempt to drum up awareness for Queen.

Tracy Chapman says Funkmaster Flex blatantly admitted Nicki was the culprit in a tweet just before he debuted the unreleased song on his social media accounts and his legendary radio show on Hot 97.

Earlier this month Tracy Chapman maintained Nicki was stalling in the case by refusing to hand over text messages she sent to Funk Flex, as well as other documents.

During her deposition, Nicki testified she was waiting for Funkmaster Flex to sign a document her lawyer drafted, which would exonerate her of Chapman's allegations that she was the source of the leak.

"Plaintiff’s Motion is DENIED with prejudice to the extent that it seeks production of the declaration(s) that Defendant presented to Taylor for his review and signature for use in this litigation," Judge Suzanne Segal ruled.

Nicki Minaj Scores Small Legal Victory in War With Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman loses attempt to get Nicki Minaj's text messages. AllHipHop

Judge Segal dismissed Tracy Chapman's request to get the documents, mainly because Funkmaster Flex is scheduled to be deposed today (November 22).

"The factual information contained in the draft declarations may be more directly, and less intrusively, obtained from Taylor in his November 22 deposition," Judge Segal said.

Judge Segal has given Nicki 14 days to produce what is known as a "privilege log" which is a list of documents the rapper believes should remain private.

Nicki Minaj Has 14 Days To Handover Documents She Wants To Remain Private In Legal War With Tracy Chapman
Nicki Minaj has to hand over documents she wishes to remain private within 14 days. AllHipHop

What Funkmaster Flex says or doesn't say today (November 22) can make-or-break Nicki's lawsuit.

According to Nicki's statements in her deposition, it appears as though Funkmaster Flex might be tight-lipped if he does indeed take the stand to be deposed.

"It is uncertain if Taylor will be able to clarify how he came to be in possession of the 'Infringing Work' because he reportedly stated during an internal investigation that he did not recall how he obtained the song," according to court documents.

Funkmaster Flex Is Set To Be Deposed Over Nicki Minaj's Unreleased song "Sorry."
An investigation has revealed Funkmaster Flex "cannot recall" how he obtained an unreleased song by Nicki Minaj. AllHipHop