EXCLUSIVE: Philly Rapper Tone Trump Talks Meek Mill Vs Cassidy Controversy

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Philly has produced some of the biggest Hip-Hop Acts from past to present from Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, to Beanie Sigel, The Roots, Eve, Freeway and Cassidy.

The city also has a crop of rising MC's represented by acts like Meek Mill, Young Savage, AR-AB, Chinko Da Great, Chill Moody, Dice Raw's Raw Life click, Tone Trump and others.

During a recent interview, Meek said his $100,000 offer was misunderstood.

He said he offered the bounty to the winner of a battle between Cassidy and Murda Mook.

Regardless, both rapper have taken to social media over the past several weeks, to take jabs at each other.

AllHipHop.com recently had the chance to sit with Philly native Tone Trump about escalating tension.

"Ni**as love negativy. If Meek Mill and Cassidy was on Twitter shouting each other out and showing each other love, nobody would say nothing about it," Tone Trump reasoned to AllHipHop.com. "Because their having a disagreement, people try to instigate it and pipe it up. I'm not taking no part of it, I got respect for both of them. For what they are doing and did for the city and opening up lanes an creating opportunities for ni**as like me to get money."

Tone Trump noted the seriousness of a rap beef between artists as well known as Cassidy and Meek Mill.

"A lot of people on the outside looking in just look at the Philly beef s**t as entertainment, but me being from Philly, I know how real certain rap beefs done got. Ni**as done lost their lives over this s**t. Ni**as in prison over rap beefs from Philly, ni**as who never going to see their kids because of rap beefs."

Tone Trump said the beef between two of the city's most famous, well respected rappers was bad for the city - and dangerous.

"I think its a step backwards for us, we need to be on some unity s**t and getting money so we can control our market the way the Southern artists [control] their market," Tone Trump told AllHipHop.com. "Where they don't even have to leave their market to get a whole bunch of money. I feel like the best way of doing that is to mess with each other and not diss each other."

Watch the first part of the AllHipHop.com exclusive interview with Tone Trump:

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