EXCLUSIVE: Producers In Legal War Over Two Of 50 Cent's Hits


Two producers are heading to court over $500,000 in disputed royalties.

(AllHipHop News) A nasty lawsuit has broken out between two producers, who are fighting over royalties earned from a couple of 50 Cent's biggest hits.

According to a lawsuit filed in New York, producers Phillip "Bang Out" Pitts and Teraike "C. Styles" Crawford are in a legal tussle over the production credits for "Disco Inferno" and "In My Hood" from Fif's hit album The Massacre.

Pitts signed an agreement with Dangerous LLC back in 2004.

Pitts claims his arrangement with the company gave Dangerous the rights to 100% of his productions, in return for a payment of royalties.

According to Pitts, he is supposed to receive a guaranteed 1% of the earnings Dangerous collected on behalf of his compositions.

According to Pitts, he was never recognized as a producer, and C. Styles claimed to have made the tracks, in order to claim credit to get royalties that rightfully belonged to Pitts.

In addition to 50 Cent, Pitts maintains he produced tracks for Avant and Lloyd Banks without being properly attributed or paid for his work.

According to the lawsuit, the two men agreed to a release in July 2006, but Dangerous LLC was still obligated to pay the royalties for the music Pitts produced.

"Despite repeated demands to receive payment and an accounting from Dangerous, Pitts has never received any royalties for the two huge selling and streamed songs by 50 Cent nor So Many Ways by Avant, all of which have certainly generated large sums of money," Pitts' lawyer wrote in the lawsuit.

Pitts is seeking at least $500,000 in damages.

Neither 50 Cent or G-Unit is named in the lawsuit.