EXCLUSIVE: Rap Stars Make Last Minute Pleas For Fans To Vote

Nearly a year of debates, controversy, and unexpected twists has culminated with today’s record-breaking Election Day (November 4), where millions of voters will decide the next president of the United States.

With less than 24 hours before the race is decided, various Hip-Hop artists told AllHipHop.com in exclusive statements, that they are continuing to push their fans to vote.

Despite living in the hotly contested battleground state of Florida, Rick Ross dismissed concerns that Republican nominee John McCain could pull an upset.

“I don’t even think its close this year,” Ross told AllHipHop. “Obama is gonna take it home!”

However, Ice Cube and T.I. feel the election is far from being in the bag for either candidate, and everyone must brave the long polling lines to make sure they complete their civic duty.

“It’s a very big election and everyone should participate,” Cube detailed to AllHipHop.com. “And you better be voting for Barack!”

“It’s still a tight race so everyone needs to fulfill their obligation to themselves and their country,” T.I. added.

Rising Brooklyn rapper Maino, who has turned around his life and career around since a 10-year jail sentence in the 90’s, learned that like T.I., he was still eligible to vote for the first time.

“I’m all into it [the election],” Maino explained. “It’s my first time voting. I’m off parole, [and] I just found out I can do it, and I’ll be down there [voting].”

For many, the fallout from the Bush administration’s economic bailout is a topic that hasn’t been discussed enough in the last few days.

Chicago star Common, one of the first rappers to express public support for Obama, feels that most undecided voters should look at the recent Wall Street bailout and what policies brought the country to this point.

“This country needs help,” Common reasoned. “The economic bailout is just another example of how the corporations and rich people have exploited the country itself.”

Big Boi from Outkast expressed disgust at how originally the U.S. bank bailout would have given the people culpable in the crisis free reign over $700 billion in taxpayer money.

“You see they were about to go on vacation and get massages,” Big Boi quipped. “They should’ve given that money back to the people. And that’s why we need a change in the new president.”

Warner Music Group Vice President Kevin Liles cautioned people from putting too much emphasis on their personal opinions of Obama and McCain.

Instead, Liles emphasized that everyone’s vote should hinge on which candidate is better qualified to lead the country and reverse the extensive economic and foreign policies issues America faces.

“Politics is one thing, but I’m concerned about everyday people. This is about more than the election, it’s about every single day of your life,” he explained. “From gas to healthcare [and] Hip-Hip has done a great job [speaking on these issues]. We know what we need to do today and that Barack Obama is the best person for the job.”

For information on polling locations and times in your area, visit www.voteforchange.com and http://truth.voteforchange.com.