EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Torch Speaks On New Rick Ross, Maybach Music Releases

(AllHipHop News) Maybach Music Group rapper Torch recently sat down with AllHipHop.com, as he prepared to record at Rick Ross' Swisher Sweet Studio in Miami, Florida.

Torch touched on his new mixtape projects including "NO A/C Volume 2" and the recently released "Tax Season."

"'Tax Season...' at the time I dropped it, it was tax time, it was time for me to audit these f**k ni**as, I wanted to get a little more personal so people could understand my story. Let everyone know it wasn't all glamor and glitz. You see ni**as shining and all that, but I deserve all this. There was a lot of grinding and a lot of struggling to get to this point. Where I come from I'm a success story but with so much further to go."

Torch touched on the new Maybach Music albums, including Rick Ross' upcoming release Mastermind.

"This boy got so many bangers this Mastermind s**t is going to be on another level. I just be over there soaking up game listening and taking that million dollar advice, from a ni**a that came up. I saw him with the hands on ground work."

Torch also revealed some details on Self Made 3 which is set to drop everywhere September 17.

"Self Made 3 its time for ni**as to understand, we bout to go in on their ass. Ross just has an ear for this s**t. I'm really looking forward just like everyone else, [to see] how he put it together. There's so many records on the table. I don't see how he could go wrong with it. All he got to do is grab whatever batch he want and the s**t is going to be legendary."

Check out the exclusive interview with Torch below:

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