Exclusive: Remy Ma's Attorney Talks Shooting

Attorney Scott Leemon spoke exclusively to AllHipHop.com about a shooting incident involving his Grammy Award nominated client, rap star Remy Ma, on Saturday morning in New York.

Remy Ma, 27, was charged with attempted murder, assault and criminal possession of a weapon yesterday (July 14), after a shooting in Manhattan left a 23-year-old woman with gunshot wounds to the abdomen.

"I made arrangements early this morning with the Hip-Hop squad of the New York Police Department to turn her in, but it did not happen until this evening as I was out of town and my flight was delayed," Remy Ma's attorney Scott Leemon told AllHipHop.com. "As to the allegations, I ask everyone to keep an open mind."

Remy Ma, born Remy Smith, surrendered to authorities yesterday evening, for her alleged role in an early morning shooting in front of The Pizza Bar in Manhattan.

According to police, Remy Ma was involved in a dispute with a childhood friend named Makeda Barnes- Joseph, after a peaceful evening at The Pizza Bar.

Remy Ma and an entourage left the establishment, but an argument ensued around 4:00 am, when she argued with longtime friend Makeda Barnes- Joseph, apparently over a $2000 debt.

Police said that Remy Ma opened the driver's side door of Barnes-Joseph's Nissan Maxima and fired her weapon, striking Barnes-Joseph twice in the torso.

Remy Ma and several unidentified men fled the scene after the shooting.

Her Cadillac Escalade was found blocks later, after the SUV crashed into another vehicle.

All occupants fled the scene on foot. The men were arrested earlier today and questioned, while Remy Ma surrendered to police this evening.

Barnes-Joseph is in Saint Vincent's Hospital and is in stable condition.

"Things are not always as they seem," Leemon told AllHipHop.com. "Remember these are only allegations."