EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross Says "Enough Is Enough" To 50 Cent - Read The Affidavit Yourself


Rick Ross submitted an affidavit to the court, where he denied leaking a sex tape that cost 50 Cent millions.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Rick Ross with love to end his beef with 50 Cent, but the G-Unit general is not really with reconciliation.

Rick Ross expressed his opinion about 50 Cent in an affidavit obtained by AllHipHop, which was submitted to the court as part of his ongoing war over a leaked sex tape.

"For years, I have been engaged in what many people in our industry call a ''rap war" or ''beef"' with another Hip-Hop artist, Curtis Jackson, who is professionally known as "50 Cent," Rick Ross wrote. "Although I have no ill will towards Curtis personally, I believe he truly dislikes me."

The pair have been at war since 2009, when a nasty feud erupted after 50 claimed Ross was manufacturing a beef to promote his album Deeper Than Rap.

Throughout the years, their dispute has ranged from silly cartoons and memes to 50 Cent leaking documents confirming Rick Ross once worked as a correctional officer.

The beef also included physical altercations between peripheral crew members

However, the most contentious and costly part of their feud has centered around a sex tape featuring Rick Ross's ex-girlfriend Lastonia Leviston.

In 2016, 50 Cent agreed to pay Leviston, after he was found liable for leaking the sex tape as a character named "Pimpin Curly."

The judgment forced 50 Cent into bankruptcy, and he eventually shelled out $7 million to settle the case.

In 2017, Reed Smith sued 50 Cent for failing to settle an $609,000 legal bill, which eventually caused more problems for Rick Ross.

50 turned around and filed a $32 million countersuit for malpractice claiming the Reed Smith failed to depose Rick Ross and other key witnesses who could have proven he didn't release the sex tape.

50 was forced to go on a year-long hunt to track down Rick Ross, in an attempt to prove the Miami rapper was the one who leaked the original sex tape through his website DeeperthanRap.com.

Last week, Fif's lawyers finally had a chance to question Rick Ross, who denied posting the sex tape or leaking the raunchy video.

"To be clear, I never did post the video (or any excerpts of it) on DeeperthanRap.com or on any other website. I never authorized anyone else to post the video or any excerpts of it on DeeperthanRap.com or on any other website on my behalf. In fact, I never even had possession of the video," Rick Ross wrote to the court.

Earlier today (April 30th), Reed Smith filed a motion and asked to dismiss the malpractice claim and grant them a summary judgment against 50 Cent.

As for Rick Ross, he appears ready to move on and be done with 50 Cent all together.

"It is obvious that Curtis and I have had our beef over the years, but enough is enough," Rick Ross wrote.

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Y’all need to fire whomever wrote this story as well as the editor. Never seen an article with so much typos bad job by All HipHop


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Ro$$ is 100% correct on this! 50 was so drunk with "Power" at that time he thought he could do damn near anything without having any repercussions! How are you going to blame Rick Ro$$ when you clearly paid someone for the footage to make Ro$$ look bad & the person on the tape sued you for leaking it?!!?!? WTF!?!?