EXCLUSIVE: Rico Love Speaks on 'They Don't Know' All Star Remix

(AllHipHop News) Producer/rapper Rico Love recently spoke with AllHipHop.com inside of Circle House Studios about the release of his new projects: the EP Discrete Luxury and the mixtape "El Presidente."

Rico revealed that he deliberately released the Discrete Luxury EP with no marketing or promotion. He explained the logic behind his business strategy for the release.

"I didn't put any promo behind Discrete Luxury, I didn't announce that I was going to do an artist situation, I didn't announce I was going to do a project...I wanted to drop my single, a video and a 5 song EP...

"The main purpose was because I was singing on the single 'They Don't Know.' I didn't want people to think I'm a singer, 'cause even now people are like 'R&B sensation Rico Love,' especially with the success I've had writing songs. So I just wanted to drop a body of work to explain who I was in a nutshell as an artist."

Rico Love also spoke on the All Star remix for "They Don't Know," which features Ludacris, T.I. Trey Songz and Tiara Thomas.

Thanks to Rico's extensive work as a producer with artists like Beyonce, Wiz Khalifa, Pitbull, Usher and others, getting names for the remix wasn't difficult.

"Everyone who was on the remix called me and asked to be on it, I didn't call anyone and say 'I'm doing a remix I need a verse,'" Rico Love told AllHipHop.com. "Trey Songz didn't even call me. I went in the studio to work with him and he said 'Oh I remixed your joint check it out.' He played me his verse and gave me the files. Ludacris called me and said 'can you send the track?' T.I., same thing: 'Yo I wanna get on that joint.' Tiara, you know, it was just one of them situations where it was real. I even put my artist MJ [on the remix]. He's singing at the end. If you listen to the tail end, the ad libs he's singing. I just wanted to incorporate my artist and my team."

Check out the exclusive interview with Rico Love below:

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