Exclusive: Royce Da 5'9" Boasts New Album Details And Dream Collaborations


Royce has a long list of people on his album, but he's looking for more big names for the future.

(AllHipHop News) Royce Da 5'9" may not be recording any more albums with Slaughter House, but he's not stopping. He's already released PRhyme 2 with DJ Premier and he's gearing up for the release of his next solo outing.

"Its definitely my most personal, diverse solo album to date," he told Chuck Creekmur of AllHipHop. "I'm looking to release more music this year than I ever have in a year."

One of the highlights of Book of Rhyme is a long-awaited reunion with mentor and partner-in-rhyme Eminem. The Detroit native revealed the entire tracklisting on his Instagram and all of the guest appearances. The album also includes Logic, J. Cole, Pusha T, Fabolous, Jadakiss, T-Pain, and more.

The rapper has already given some info around the opus, but this is a considerably more comprehensive look.

Royce told AllHipHop that he's trying to get two titans on one of his albums, before they check out of Hip-Hop.

"Jay-Z and Nas. I'm a fan of a whole lot of people. The more seasoned I become, the more I am able to appreciate different styles, he said in an exclusive interview. "I think I have a lot of fun mixing with people that don't necessarily do what I do and try to come into each other's world and trying to figure out a way to make something that's good. I would love that challenge, but just being a straight up fan of somebody..."

"I'm doing some things with Redman. That's scratched off the bucket list, but not all the way off the bucket list, because we haven't put nothing out yet" he said. "Jay Z and Nas, they are like on my Mount Rushmore. So is like..."I want to catch them before they are outta here, because you can feel it coming. Nas is just a hop, skip and a jump from being outta here. I'm like, 'Big homie...just when you got some time.'"

The opus, Book of Ryan, is set to hit stores and streaming outlets on May 5.


  1. "Woke"
  2. "Where’s My Parallel (Skit)"
  3. "Caterpillar" featuring King Green and Eminem
  4. "God Speed" featuring Ashley Sorrell
  5. "Dumb" featuring Bookie
  6. "Who Are You (Skit)"
  7. "Cocaine"
  8. "Life Is Fair"
  9. "Boblo featuring" J. Cole
  10. "Legendary"
  11. "Summer On Lock" featuring Pusha T, Jadakiss, and Fabolous
  12. "Amazing" featuring Melanie Rutherford
  13. "Outside" featuring Marsha Ambrosius and Robert Glasper
  14. "Power"
  15. "Protecting Ryan (Skit)"
  16. "Strong Friend"
  17. "Anything-Everything"
  18. "Stay Woke" featuring Ashley Sorrell
  19. "First of the Month" featuring T. Pain and Chavis Chandler



Photo: Courtesy of Royce Da 5'9"