EXCLUSIVE: Short Dawg Talks Relationship With Young Money; Explains Inspiration Behind "Drankenstein" Mixtapes

(AllHipHop News) Houston rapper and Young Money affiliate Short Dawg spoke exclusively with AllHipHop.com recently about his upcoming work with Young Money. Surprisingly, he also shared his love for the popular promethezine and codeine concoction popularly known as "drank," "lean," or "sizzurp."

Currently riding out a busy tour with Coast to Coast Mixtapes, Short Dawg is traveling the country, delivering his music to the masses and continuing to feed his steadily-climbing buzz across the rap game.

"Just cooling out on the "Adventures of Drankenstein Tour" with Coast to Coast [Mixtapes]," Short Dawg explained to AllHipHop.com. "We doing like 20 dates, and I'm just out here working. This is day number three, so we just out here working, man."

Although Short Dawg kept details about his work with Young Money quiet, he did confirm that he is still working with the Lil Wayne-led empire, and that he still keeps in contact with Baby and Wayne frequently, especially when he is in Miami.

"Yeah, that's my fam, that's my people. We just keeping it moving. I got something in the works for y'all coming up real soon, and we just gonna keep quiet about it, but it's coming real soon. Everything is lovely," Short Dawg said.

Short Dawg has been busy this year with the promotion of Adventures ofDrankenstein, a concept project that's essentially an ode to the popular Houston "drank."

"I mean, well, being from Houston, you know 'drank' is just like a common thing, you know what I'm saying? Like I experienced with it when I was 15, and it's something that my brother used to be heavy into. He fell asleep on his cup one day, and I just happened to reach over, grab it, and took a sip. Fell in love, you know what I'm saying? So I just rap about what I experience, my n*gga, and drank is one of those things that I indulged with as a kid to now, and it's just stuck with me, and here I am - 'Drankenstein.'"

Short Dawg is currently working on the Adventures of Drankenstein Continues: Syrup and NoDoz, and has a video game in the works called, Drankenstein Ridin' Fresh.

Check the exclusive video below: