EXCLUSIVE: Snoop Speaks on His Role in the Animated Film 'Turbo'

With one of the biggest brands in Hip-Hop, Snoop has never been one to shy away from the big screen and the bright lights of Hollywood. With roles in movies and television throughout his career, Snoop has caught the attention of audiences both young and old as Snoop has played the voice over for several cartoons like Racing Stripes, The Boondocks, The PJ's and now the new Dreamworks flick Turbo.

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Playing the voice of Smoove Move, Snoop stars alongside Ryan Reynolds, Samuel Jackson, Luiz Guzman, Paul Giamatti and more in this Dreamworks flick. Take a look at our sitdown with Snoop as he explains his role and talks more about the new phase of his career what he's been up to since being reincarnated as Snoop Lion.

AllHipHop: How did this role for Turbo come about and why did you decide to do it?

Snoop: The studio reached out to me about it. David Soren wrote the role for me. I’ve wanted to be involved with a positive family movie for a while now so this was the perfect opportunity. Being able to watch a movie with my family and some of the kids from my Snoop Youth Football League has always been a goal of mine and Turbo was the one movie that allowed me to do just that.

AllHipHop: Are Snoop Lion aka Snoop Dogg two in the same and who did you tap into for this role?

Snoop: Snoop Lion is just an extension of my personality, same as Snoop Dogg. For the role, I tapped into myself. My character is smooth and easy-going just like me.

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AllHipHop: What was the hardest part about doing the voice of a cartoon?

Snoop: It wasn’t too hard. I had fun with the role and the voice overs.

AllHipHop: Tell me about your character in Turbo and what do you hope kids walked away with?

Snoop: My character’s name is Smoove Move. He is real calm and cool… he’s fly. I hope kids walk away feeling good about themselves. No dream is too big and no dreamer is too small.

AllHipHop: What were some of the cartoons you watched when you were a kid?

Snoop: I liked Scooby Doo. And Snoopy of course!

AllHipHop: After your Reincarnation album and documentary, what is next for you musically?

Snoop: We have the Reincarnated photo book about to come out this fall. As far as musically, the world will have to wait and see…

AllHipHop: Do you have any more movies in the works?

Snoop: I always have something up my sleeve.

AllHipHop: The Snoop Lion and Snoop Dogg brands are some of the biggest in Hip-Hop. If you were to advise anyone on how to build their brand, what would be your keys to success? How do you remain focused and working so diligently?

Snoop: I work hard and have a good team around me. A great attitude is necessary as well. I remained focused because I love what I do. It’s easy to do what you enjoy doing.