EXCLUSIVE: Spade-O Details Relationship With Meek Mill, Speaks on "Pound Cake" Freestyle

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) Major Figga's original member Spade-O sat down with AllHipHop.com, after serving over 10 years in jail, to speak on coming back to the street and reestablishing his rap career.

Before he was released Spade-O explains Philly's own, Meek Mill, reached out to him to make sure everything would be good upon his release. The result was the new freestyle "Pound Cake" featuring the pair.

"Meek's a good guy," Spade-O told AllHipHop.com. "He reached out to me while I was in prison. I spoke with him a couple of times and the day I was released he came to see me.

"He [Meek Mill] was like 'I'm going to help you try to get yourself back together because I grew up on you, you one of the reasons why I do this," Spade-O continued. "I owe this to you, I'm going to help you get yourself back together.' I appreciate him and its all love. It's nothing but respect. I don't think people in this city and everywhere give him enough credit for how smart he is, to be that young."

Spade-O also talked to AllHipHop.com about the work he's been putting in since being released from prison for murder.

"Right Now I've got probably the hottest freestyle in the streets. 'Pound Cake' is like a brush fire, it's going everywhere," Spade-O told AllHipHop.com. "I'm on a lot of Gillie's stuff, the Four Horsemen [Chinko Da Great, Reed Dollaz, Kre Forch Hollowman]...anything you can think of coming out of Philly I'm on their project."

"I'm working on my mixtape and its going to be a series of...songs based around my thoughts and ideals and things I've learned while in prison," Spade-O said. "You know the way prison changed me, essentially [making me] the man I am today."

Check out the exclusive interview below:

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