EXCLUSIVE: Sway Talks The Black Panthers, Beyonce's "Formation," & Donald Trump (Video)

(AllHipHop News) Raised against Oakland's revolutionary backdrop, Sway Calloway, has earned professional distinction as one of Hip-Hop's most respected cultural critics. Recently, AllHipHop exclusively learned his stance on the Black Panthers, the country's reactions to Beyoncé's Super Bowl half-time show, and the subject of Donald Trump protesting Bey's provocative imagery.

Honesty wrapped his words as he explained his perception of the Panthers. "People tend to perpetuate a lot of the negatives that took place with that organization. And every organization may have that, but the Panthers did a lot of empowerment for Black folks. It made people proud to be Black in a time where the country wasn't really celebrating that," he said.

To delve deeper into the discussion he then added, "I think Rudy Giuliani's and Donald Trump's -- and whomever's -- protest of Beyoncé's performance is great! I think that's excellent; keep talking about it." The Hip-Hop expert praised B for having cultivated the courage to take a stand.

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"Good for Beyoncé. That's an entertaining song, but she found a way, through imaging to really stir things up and become a disruptor, Sway stated, "She doesn't have to do that. She could have done something lollipop. And I appreciate that. That makes her a Revolutionary. You put it all on the line when you go against the status quo."

Viewed as a catalyst for continued debate, Sway believes "this conversation is only going to extend the conversation that we've been needing to have for decades."

It's great that Beyonce used the biggest platform in entertainment to make folks talk about something that they'd otherwise like to sweep under the rug. Finally a smile lifted the edges of his mouth. He then shared, "I'm enjoying it. I get to talk about it on my radio show every morning. It's cool.

Check out the full clip to get the details on Sway's film projects, The Cycle. The narrative film -- which was complete the day before Michael Brown lost his life to police violence -- tackles the tough topic of "the disparity and the relationship between police and officers and our communities."

People are quick to stop talking, but it's important that we continue to talk.- Sway