EXCLUSIVE: Tekashi 6ix9ine Gets Police Escort From Prison To Start House Arrest


The rap star needed some protection now that he is "free" to serve the rest of his prison sentence on house arrest.

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine needed some law enforcement officers to get him out of prison so he can serve out the rest of his two-year prison sentence on house arrest.

The rapper was protected by a bunch of police officers as he headed to a private residence to finish the last four months of his sentence for racketeering with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

"Delayed docketing of the Order will allow law enforcement agents to ensure that Mr. Hernandez is transported safely and securely from the facility where he is currently housed to a residential address previously approved by the Probation Department..." lead prosecutor Geoffrey Berman wrote to Judge Paul Engelmayer today (April 2) as the rap star was released.


AllHipHop.com broke the news yesterday (April 1st) that Tekashi 6ix9ine had been granted his request to get out of prison early, due to his fear of dying by contracting the deadly coronavirus.

Tekashi 6ix9ine had been begging Judge Engelmayer to release him, but the rapper was held up on a technicality because he was not considered an inmate with the Bureau of Prisons.

Initially, the Feds objected to Tekash 6ix9ine's request for an early release when prosecutor Geoffrey Berman asked Judge Paul Engelmayer to make the rainbow-haired rapper serve the last four months of his sentence in prison.

But the possibility of the rap star contracting the coronavirus became all too real when five inmates inside of the Queens Detention Facility were quarantined with symptoms of the coronavirus.

After some court wrangling and a possible outbreak within the prison, the Feds backed down and did not object 6ix9ine's release, paving the way for 6ix9ine to walk out of prison.

The government seems to be taking Tekashi 6ix9ine's security seriously, at least until he gets to his private residence.

"The Government respectfully submits that delayed docketing of the Order for a short period of time will ensure the safety of law enforcement agents and Mr. Hernandez upon his release from custody," prosecutor Geoffrey Berman wrote. 

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bizarre tale overall. Not interested in his music. A feature article that Rolling Stone published maybe a year ago seemed to have a fair exploration of his issues. One of the most forgotten aspects to his "backstory" is his initial brush with the law was a sex-abuse of a minor related case when he was 18. He and a buddy went to a drug-selling house to get "b-roll footage" that they intended to use for one of their YouTube/Instagram-ready blogs/music videos/etc. According to the trial, Hernandez's buddy 'hooked up' with a girl who was there-- she performed oral sex on him while Hernandez was slapping her backside (and they were filming this). The girl turned out to be 14.
That was the circumstance by which he became a convicted sex offender and had to register and make regular meetings with his parole officer. He frequently would miss the meetings and try to get them delayed all in the pursuit of his then-burgeoning rap career which was blowing up on SoundCloud and other social media services. it was that issue which became a legal stumbling block even as the "bloods association" entanglement started to get more complicated for him.
Beyond the ridiculous drama he stumbled his way into by cultivating relationships with neighborhood street-gang guys, I don't have respect for him based on the initial sex-crime incident. THAT to me is what stands out, not the "snitching" that most of his critics internal to hip-hop have seized upon.


They let this rat ass nigga go free, but Shmurda still in prison...