Exclusive: The Alchemist Responds To Ras Kass


Alchemist has responded to Ras Kass' allegations

that he sold the same beat twice. "This is what happens

when labels don't handle their business" he said, speaking

exclusively to allhiphop.com.

The problem started

when Ras Kass bought a beat from The Alchemist in 1999. According

to Ras, the paper work was not handled on purpose. Speaking

to Launch a few weeks ago he said ""I shot him paperwork

from my lawyer that we assumed that we would be just be negotiating

about, but he just tried to hold onto the shit on some stank

shit. And he's even admitted that to the lawyer that he got

the paperwork. The attorneys talked, like two and a half weeks

ago, from Ruff Ryders and Priority Records, and then all of

a sudden, it's on Hot 97 over the weekend."

The Alchemist

however, doesn't agree.

"There is a lot of confusion with the information and

that's why I am letting the lawyers take care of it"

he said.

"I tried to handle it with Ras Kass, but they didn't

want to take it straight. What I don't like is that they are

trying to run around and dirty my name in the game."

Ras Kass planned

on using the beat on for his upcoming album, Van Gogh,

for the song "Home Sweet Home." He requested a Cease

and Desist order against Ruff Ryders/Interscope when he heard

Jadakisses' "We Gon Make It" on New York City radio.

"Everybody that knows me, knows that I don't need to

do that" The Alchemist continued. "I'm all about

the music. It's not about who's hot or not. They didn't handle

their business and he played me. No disrespect to Ras Kass,

you know, I'll try to work it out. But I aint going around

trying to throw dirt on anybody's name."