EXCLUSIVE: Three-Quarters of the Slaughter(house) Offer AllHipHop.com a Comedic "UN-Welcome To: OUR HOUSE"


Now that fans have waited with baited breath through award show cyphers, mixtapes, and road and TV appearances, Slaughterhouse has finally unveiled its group debut, Welcome To: OUR HOUSE.

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This isn't your typical Slaughterhouse, as the foursome delves into some new territory with an almost-Pop feel in more places than one on Welcome. Their lyricism still shines through, but in rare places that may turn a few new ears on their side. With Eminem at the helm of their efforts, it really shouldn't take listeners by surprise that the cross-country collective would try and push the envelope on the much-hyped album.

An occasion such as this certainly called for a pre-visit from AllHipHop.com. So a few weeks ago, we were excited to hear more about their mixtape, working with Eminem and DJ Drama, and the makings of their long-awaited debut.

BUT, Slaughterhouse - sans media darling Joe Budden - was in an odd but funny mood for the interview. Joell, Crooked I, and Royce were happy to answer some questions, and then baffled by the reasoning behind others. At any rate, it makes for good TV, so check it out:

Welcome To: OUR HOUSE is available now - cop it on iTunes!