EXCLUSIVE: Trick Trick Speaks on Yung Berg Robbery

In light of Yung Berg’s recent public beating and robbery at the Plan B Nightclub in Detroit, rapper and club co-owner Trick Trick is maintaining that the incident had nothing to do with him.

In an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, Trick Trick detailed the specifics behind the assault that left Berg bruised and stripped of his flashy Transformer chain.

“First of all I ain’t no jack n***a . I don’t need to jack nann [any] n***a to get what I gotta get,” Trick clarified to AllHipHop.com. “Karma’s a motherf**ker so I’m not taking no n***a’s s**t. I earn mine. I don’t need that piece of s**t ass aluminum foil chain the b**ch had on no way.”

Rumors have circulated that Trick Trick orchestrated the attack in retaliation for previous comments Yung Berg made, disparaging the Detroit native as an MC and Detroit’s rap scene as a whole.

While Trick admits it was members on his entourage who carried out the attack, he claims to have broken up the assault and argues Yung Berg should have cleared his appearance beforehand.

“My lil n***as got him. The label called and told me he wasn’t coming, so I wasn’t expecting him. So there was no need for me to tell the lil homies that ‘aye, the n***a’s straight,’ because he wasn’t coming,” Trick reasoned. “I saved that n***a’s life. He would probably be dead right now or in a coma if I hadn’t ran over there and pushed the lil homies back so they could quit stomping this n***a.”

The bludgeoning left Berg visibly bruised and forced the 23-year-old MC to cancel a scheduled high profile performance at Hot 102.7’s Summer Jam.

Also, a brazen picture of an unidentified man sporting Berg’s chain leaked onto the internet yesterday.

Trick Trick feels unsympathetic to Berg’s situation, feeling the Chicago native brought the beatdown on himself.

“You can’t be saying ‘f**k Trick Trick’ and you don’t like dark skin women,” Trick sneered. “I was gonna school the little n***a to the ropes of the game! If you gonna take some notes, take notes from an OG. The lil homies got that trophy [the chain], I don’t want that s**t. I don’t have any problems with the little n***a. I [just] don’t like him.”

Yung Berg is still promoting his new album Look What You Made Me, which debuted at #20 2 weeks ago on Billboard’s Top 200.

Trick Trick is finishing work on his sophomore album The Villian, which will feature appearances from Eminem, Kid Rock, Esham, and Proof.

At press time, Yung Berg and the Detroit Police Department could not be reached for comment.