Exclusive Update: Master P Saves Recording Studio

A lawyer for Master

P contacted AllHipHop.com to state that Master P have saved his unfinished

recording studio, after reaching an agreement to pay a Baton Rogue based construction

company. The problems started when a judge refused to annul a $190,165 dollar

judgment awarded to Charles Carter Construction, which was overseeing the construction

of Master P's $10 million dollar recording complex. The property was scheduled

to be auctioned off at a sheriff's sale on Wednesday February 20th by The East

Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office.

According to P's lawyer, James Holliday, Master

P's company agreed to pay the construction company $137,000 to prevent the Sheriff's


"It's done-over with," Holliday told AllHipHop Wednesday. "Master

P has invested several million dollars in this property, so it made no sense

to lose it for this amount of money." When asked what P planned to do with

the massive complex, his lawyer wasn't exactly sure.

In more positive news, Master P will visit a

Baton Rogue elementary school and spread his wealth around. Earlier in the year

P agreed to give 300 hundred children fresh one hundred dollar bills if they

maintained honor roll status. P will be giving the money to the students next