EXCLUSIVE: Witness To Remy Ma Shooting Comes Forward

A close friend of rapper Remy Ma contacted AllHipHop.com in an attempt to explain what happened the evening the Grammy nominated rapper allegedly shot a close associate twice, apparently in a dispute over a missing $2,000.

The woman, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said she was on the scene with Remy Ma and her entourage, when the shooting took place, around 4:00 am on Saturday (July 14).

According to police, Remy Ma, born Remy Smith, allegedly shot Makeda Barnes-Joseph, 23, twice in the torso, as the two argued in Barnes-Joseph’s Nissan Maxima after a night of partying at The Pizza Bar in Manhattan.

The source said Remy Ma had accused Barnes-Joseph of stealing in the past, despite the fact that they were childhood friends.

“Everyone was good the entire party, until we went outside and Makeda tried to quickly slip away,” the woman told AllHipHop.com. “She has [allegedly] stolen from Remy before and Remy forgave her the first time. Remy even paid Makeda’s rent before, when she spent her money on shopping and her sorry a** boyfriend couldn’t help out.”

According to the woman, who said she witnessed the entire event, Barnes-Joseph exited her vehicle and the two women argued in the street.

“Remy never got in her [Barnes-Joseph’s] car,” the witness revealed to AllHipHop.com. “Makeda [allegedly] threatened Remy in front of everyone and demanded that she didn’t take her money. She also threw her purse at Remy to check and that’s why Remy had her purse and emptied the contents. Remy didn’t even have a gun on her.”

Remy Ma’s friend said that she and the others in the entourage walked up to the two women as they were arguing and that’s when shots rang out.

“Makeda’s boyfriend threatened Remy,” the woman said. “All I know is, as soon as I turned, Makeda was on the ground saying she got shot, but Remy [allegedly] never had a pistol in her hand.”

The woman said everyone fled because the police were enroute to the scene of the shooting.

When officers responded to a 911 call, they found Barnes-Joseph shot in her Maxima.

Remy Ma’s Cadillac Escalade was found a few blocks away, crashed into a parked vehicle.

The rapper surrendered to police Saturday (July 15) and was charged with attempted murder, assault and various weapons charges.

She was released on $250,000 bond.

Remy Ma is due in court on August 14.