EXCLUSIVE: XXXTentacion Murder Suspects Summoned To Court

AllHipHop Staff

The four men indicted for killing rising rapper XXXTentacion will appear in front of a judge this May.

(AllHipHop News) The four suspects accused of assassinating revered rap star XXXTentacion will appear in court together this Spring as their trial approaches.

Michael Boatwright, Trayvon Newsome, Dedrick Williams, and Robert Allen have been ordered to a mandatory hearing this May.

The four men will face Broward Circuit Judge Michael Usan on May 15th, at 9:30 AM.

Each suspect is charged with stalking the 20-year-old hip-hop star, real name Jahseh Onfroy, and then gunning him down after he left a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach, Florida in June of 2018.

Boatwright, Newsome, Williams, and Allen were subsequently apprehended and charged with murder and armed robbery with a firearm.

Each one of the defendants has pleaded not guilty to killing the rising rap star. 

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Im never going to understand how the death of him has been affecting me to literally wake up and go to sleep every day with him on my mind and I just wish he would be at peace with the changes to the after life but he is still not accepting it and he is not able to be in peace and i pray for him to get there so i can have the pressure of knowing that he is not at peace gone and its so sad and painful to even think about him and he was so special and uniquely blessed and there will never be another close to who he was truly born to be and it is very sad that right whenever he went through his transformation he was murdered he was going to do so good to the world especially when it came to younger teenagers kids even older adults he was going to hold the power to be able to make some type of change in a positive way to the world at least it would have reached enough around to a certain point but at least it was going to Make the start of transformation for many of lives the way a lot of people who is no longer holding Hope and have given up. he was making a way of inspiration to save a lot of people who feel as if they are not important or everything around them is just pain after suffering after all kinds of just miserable moments in times in their life he didn't even get a chance to really complete his mission and if only everyone knew how he would have impacted in a good way to so many people is sad and I was never a fan I did not even know a few of the songs that I've heard of his was his music but from what I have discovered it truly breaks my heart because some people truly are put on this Earth for a certain reason and the devil tries to eliminate any powerful threat towards his way because of the powers that certain people hold is such a threat to the evil that they must try to eliminate before that day comes when it's time for everyone who is for Jesus Christ and God himself to come at war with the evil and the devil But Jahseh onfroy was more than just a great artist he was a living angel in my eyes the devil was trying to get him. so when he was younger just maybe he may have done certain things that we know may have not been right . But whether he did it or not I don't know but I do know that he had completely transformed into the one God gave him life to be so with all due respect this goes to anyone who has negative things to say about this specific person because until you actually know who you are are are know what you're talking about when you're saying the things you say is best you just keep comments to yourself because in all reality this world is way more then you think you may not see certain things that other people see you may not hear things that other people hear you may not understand things that other people have no way of explaining but just know that this world is full of more than just human bodies and stores in restaurants in luxury whatever you want to call it doesn't matter there's certain things that lurk around us all day everyday and if a lot of y'all really seen the world would be God knows what I can't even tell you but that's why God does not give everyone the ability and the blessings to have certain abilities but if the ones who were born with all of these abilities truly knew who they were when they start their life and start making choices in learning what is really need to be learn in order to manifest in this gift are gifts that you may have received from God when you were born then we could change a lot of things but I don't think this world will ever change rest in peace Jahseh please accept and let go stop causing more pain in your internal life and whoever the woman is that is ignoring his signs that he's trying to give you to connect with him all I have to say is go to the chair with his favorite type of material fabric by the lamp that chair with his favorite material by the lamp if you ever read this and it catches your attention and you think you know who you are and where this chair and this lamp is you need to channel with him because he needs a way to have some type of help from you maybe in order for him 2 accept the change that you experience once you pass over into the Afterlife some people don't accept it or do not like it or have unfinished reasons why they will not let go and they may need some type of help before they accepted inrest please
God bless you all even the the enemies on this Earth I pray for you God to have mercy on all the wicked in the evil but in the end you will get the outcome in your afterlife as God chooses 2 how you will spend eternity I just wish that this never happened or that I never even heard of this young man because it is causing much emotional trauma and pain to me spiritually and emotionally and it's two years now he is still not at peace and no one is making it any easier for him that's all I have to say God bless you all I love you Jahseh Amen to the whole world and may God bless you all once again in the name of the father son holy spirit amen


so tired of hearing bout this woman abusing clown let him rest in piss already