EXCLUSIVE: Young Buck's New Manager Speaks On 50 Cent

Not even 24 hours after 50 Cent leaked the full 16 minute conversation with Young Buck, the saga has now taken a Machiavellian twist, as Young Buck’s manager Blue Williams has accused 50 of “doctoring” the audio tape.

Yesterday, Buck released a diss track called “The Taped Conversation,” deriding 50 Cent as dishonest and questioning the loyalty of remaining G-Unit member Lloyd Banks.

Williams also said the tape is over a year old. “Just so that it is clear, this obviously edited and doctored recording was made from a phone conversation between Young Buck and 50 Cent-recorded and leaked by 50 Cent,” Williams told AllHipHop.com early this morning. “It was made over a year ago, the first time Buck was kicked out of G-Unit for being a man and communicating with people that 50 deemed his ‘enemies.’ You only hear one side of the conversation.”

Williams also dismissed any ideas that there will be a long, drawn-out verbal/physical war akin to The Game’s infamous battle with G-Unit.

“At this time, I have convinced Buck to take the higher road and not respond to the petty back and forth with an obviously scorned and angry man [50 Cent],” Williams told AllHipHop.com. “I am sure if need be there are plenty explosive G-Unit secrets that he could put out there from the inner workings of the crew, but he’s going to take the high road. He’s not interested in a pissing match with G-Unit because he’s moved on with his life since April, when he was kicked out the final time.”

With the full audio conversation being leaked on www.thisis50.com, fans have debated whether Buck’s authenticity as a street artist can still be accepted.

Many cite Buck’s deference to 50 and emotional laments in the audio as cause for concern.

“Everybody out here already knows what a real cat Buck is,” Williams clarified. “I don’t think anyone in the streets thinks Young Buck is soft-if anything, they know he’s real and he’s emotional. That’s what makes him such a great rapper. He’s a real man, thinking he was having a real conversation with 50 Cent, not someone who’d record it, doctor it up, and put it out a year later to try and build hype to sell a G-Unit compilation CD.”

Blue Williams is a well known and highly respected manager in the industry.

The veteran has successfully guided the careers of Nas, Outkast, and Nick Cannon.

And he expects to do the same with Young Buck but steering him away from a blood feud with his former camp.

“We are focusing on TV and film opportunities, touring, recording a super album, and continuing to build TennAKey Watches, Cashville Records, and David Brown clothing. Buck is a superstar and plans to show the world!”

50 Cent has not commented on the leak or comments from Buck’s camp at press time.