Eyewear Company Says Malik Yusef Forged Kanye West's Name In $2.5 Million "Scam"

The rapper is in trouble again for supposedly misrepresenting his ties to Kanye and making millions.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Malik Yusef is caught up in another lawsuit accusing him of making millions off Kanye West's name behind his back.

An eyewear company called Gentle Monster claims Malik used his cozy relationship with Kanye to sell them on a deal where he would procure top talent for a video promoting the company, over a Kanye West track.

Malik introduced the CEO of Gentle Monster to Kanye during a meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and claimed he could also deliver an array of artists to promote the company, including Pharrell, Amber Rose, Vic Mensa, Jaden Smith, and others.

Shortly after the meeting, the company sent Malik a request to provide written confirmation Kanye was participating.

The received the necessary paperwork and sent Malik $2.5 million to produce four videos for a "music series album" created by Kanye.

But Malik only delivered one video called "13MUSIC" which ended up featuring Vic Mensa and Michael K. Williams. The music in the video was over a track called "New Angels" and was supposedly produced by Kanye.

Once the video was released, Kim Kardashian tanked the whole thing by tweeting that Kanye had nothing to do with Gentle Monster or their "13MUSIC" campaign.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gentle Music's lawsuit says they were stunned by Kim's revelation and then figured out Malik allegedly forged Kanye West's on a document authorizing the music's release, in addition to making fake invoices.

He then sent the money to a charitable organization his accusers claim is really just a shell company created in Kanye's mother's name.

In February, fashion brand Philipp Plein International accused Malik of misrepresenting himself on behalf of Kanye and taking $900,000 for the rap star to attend an event during Fashion Week in New York. `

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