Eyewitness Contradicts Nicki Minaj's Latest Account Of NYFW Fight With Cardi B

Journalist Lilliana Vazquez had already given a contradicting recap of the altercation.

(AllHipHop News) Once again, Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio became a trending topic on Twitter today. This week’s episode made noise because Nicki presented another account of the fight with Cardi B at New York Fashion Week's Harper's Bazaar ICONS party.

According to Minaj, Cardi B was hit multiple times by Love & Hip Hop cast member Rah Ali, and it was Ali that injured Cardi, not her security. The 35-year-old rapper even offered $100,000 for anyone that would leak video from the venue that proved her point.

However, Cardi and some listeners were confused because Nicki also stated that her own camera-person filmed the incident. So why did she need footage to be leaked? The Young Money representative tried to explain the discrepancy on Twitter.

“For the slow ones in the back on the blogs, I offered money for the footage from the venue. I have footage on my own camera but I was asking for the overhead footage that the venue may have,” tweeted Nicki. “Y’all listen to snippets of my show & think y’all Albert Einstein.”

Social media users also questioned the Queen Radio story because an eyewitness had already given a description of what happened that night which contradicts Nicki’s latest retelling. Access correspondent Lilliana Vazquez appeared on The Wendy Williams Show in September to talk about the altercation.

“There’s a lot of rumors, but you got to get the facts. [Cardi’s] shoe was thrown at 10:53 pm on Friday night. For the record, she left the Plaza [Hotel] and walked in front of me. I shot this video of her walking out at 10:54. So this happened swift and quick,” stated Vazquez.

She added, “Everyone’s saying there was this whole altercation. These two girls were so far apart, there was no way that Nicki or Cardi even touched each other. That bump on [Cardi's] head definitely came from a security guard.”