Fab Five Freddy, Sticky Fingaz Guest Starring on Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Hip-Hop pioneer Fab Five Freddy will take a turn towards the dramatic, with a guest appearance on Law & Order:

Criminal Intent.

The former Yo! MTV Raps host will play "Fulla Smith," a rap artist who is killed after debuting his latest song and finishing an interview at a radio station, in the episode, titled "Flipped."

In addition to Fab Five Freddy, the episode will feature Bokeem Woodbine, Eric Bogosian, Aunjanu Ellis and Onyx member Sticky Fingaz, who portrays an undercover cop who is part of a task force that specializes in crimes within the rap world.

Fab Five Freddy, who's character was the only witness at the crime scene, is questioned by detectives Logan (Chris Noth) and Wheeler (Julianne Nicholson).

Despite help from Sticky Fingaz, witnesses turn up dead, which then causes the detectives to wonder which side he is on.

The Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode featuring Fab 5 Freddy and Sticky Fingaz will air at 9 p.m. Tuesday (Feb. 13) on NBC.