Fabolous Arrested For Third Time

Fabolous was arrested for possession of a loaded semi-automatic firearm yesterday (March 24), according to police reports. This arrest marks the rapper’s third altercation in 2003.

Fabolous, born John Jackson, reportedly attempted to perform at New York Club Webster Hall last night when club bouncers found a gun on the entertainer’s bodyguard during a routine frisking. The entourage was turned away according to witnesses.

Club security then called police after noticing the bodyguard, 42-year-old Roger Fenrick, put the gun in the car after they parked their vehicle nearby. Police arrested the entire group of five as they made their way back to the club for the show.

Police charge they found a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic pistol that none of the entourage would admit to owning. Fabolous plead not guilty to all charges levied against him.

25-year-old Fabolous was arrested for driving with a suspended license and gun possession on the very next day on January 24 and 25.

The gun possession charge was dismissed earlier this month.