Fabolous Denies Involvement In Assault

Fabolous has responded to accusations from Philadelphia radio host Golden Girl, who charges that the rapper’s bodyguards physically assaulted her at an annual rap concert on Oct. 31.

In a statement, Fabolous denied that he was party to any assault and also informed that he didn’t see it as reported.

"In regards to the incident in Philadelphia, I was on my tour bus and did not witness the alleged incident so I’m not aware of any details concerning the matter. I never touched or did anything to Golden Girl, therefore, I am not involved and do not have anything further to say or do with that incident,” he told AllHipHop.com.

Golden Girl, a personality on Power 99, offered a different account in a previous interview with a local NBC station.

"I was talking to one of the artists, which was Fabolous. We asked if we could get a ride [in his tour bus] up to the top of the ramp and his bodyguard jumped in [and] said, 'No,' and got really nasty," she said in an interview on Nov. 8. In jest, Golden Girl said that she would stop playing Fab’s song “Breathe” if she didn’t get a ride in his transport, a statement which prompted an alleged attack.

After being denied a ride, she said she jokingly said she would prevent his songs from being played on the radio. “The bodyguard comes over and he picks me up. I said, 'What are you doing?' and before I could say anything else he grabbed me by the shoulders, picked me up off my feet and slammed me down to the ground.”

Golden Girl said she must walk with the aid of crutches after the bodyguard in question allegedly picked her off her feet and threw her to the ground. She sustained injury to her ankle, shoulder and back.

The blonde-locked host said the entire incident was captured on a video camera from a member of Fab’s crew, a charge the rapper didn’t respond to.

Her lawyer said they would pursue the matter to the fullest extent of the law.

"We will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure that justice is served and that she gets everything she's entitled to, and at the same time that the perpetrator winds up in the clink," her lawyer said.