Fabolous Hires P.I. To Investigate Shooting

Fabolous reportedly

hired private investigators to inspect the details of a recent robbery/shooting

outside a Chelsea-area eatery, where NBA star Sebastian Telfair was robbed of

a $50,000 gold chain and the rapper was shot in the leg.Fabolous’

attorney Alberto Ebanks said he hired private detectives primarily to clear himself

of weapons-possession charges he and three associated are facing, after police

found two illegal guns in his car.Officers

stopped Fabolous' 2005 Dodge Magnum, as friends were rushing him to the hospital,

after the rapper was shot in the the thigh near Sean "Diddy" Combs'

Justin's restaurant. "He

was shot. I think that's the classic definition of a victim," Ebanks told

the New York Post, following a hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court. Fabolous'

arrest occurred shortly after Telfair, a Boston Celtics point guard, was robbed

of his necklace in a parking lot near Justin’s.Police

believe Telfair was allegedly robbed by members of the rapper's entourage. Investigators

looked at surveillance footage that captured the incident, but said the tapes

were too dark and grainy and would likely be "of little use."Telfair

missed the second half of a game against the New York Knicks on Tuesday because

he was asked to view several lineups, one of which included Fabolous and his three

associates. He

was unable to pick out anyone possibly responsible for the robbery. Telfair denied

that he was under investigation for Fabolous' shooting."I

wasn't being investigated for any shooting," he said at the Celtics' practice

facility in Waltham, Mass. "My necklace was snatched from my neck."Sebastian

Telfair is the cousin of fellow NBA star Stephon Marbury. When

asked about the parking lot incident, Marbury said, “He's my little cousin.

That's my little cousin...Somebody put a gun to him. [If] somebody put a gun to

one of your family members, wouldn't you be concerned?"Representative

for Telfair have said he's cooperating fully with police.