'Face Going Rock?

After stringing hip-hop fiends out with a 5-mic fix on his latest release, Scarface has plans to lace his next project with a different kind of dope—rock ‘n roll. The Def Jam South President is seriously contemplating forming his own rock band, ala’ Ice-T and his controversial outfit Body Count of the early to mid ‘90s.

“I’m trying to get there,” ‘Face told Allhiphop.com of Ice T’s vision when he put his unit together.

With potential band names like Monster Head or Sick Ass Psycho Bastards, the Houston-bred emcee may already be there.

“I’m just going to be on a big ass stick with black eyes, my face is going to be painted black and I’m going to have gloves on,” he said of his potential live shows. “Every time I make a public appearance, I’m going to be on my stick. They gonna’ be like ‘Oooh that got damn Monster Head.’”

As a member of seminal rap group the Geto Boys, ‘Face’s lyrics were infused with abrasive language and stark themes, as opposed to the reflective tone found in his tracks today. ‘Face, however, says the inspiration for his rock group is no different than what his usual muse is.

“I’m a sick ass psycho bastard in real life,” he said. “I have to draw that line between what I want the rest of the world to know about me and what I know about myself. I want to do some sick ass sh*t, but I think it should be done under the Monster Head imprint.”

Fans looking to re-up on ‘Face’s hip-hop cook up, can catch his latest video for “Someday,” featuring Faith Evans and produced by The Neptunes.